Welcome to Project Find Your Fire Coaching

We are excited to help you find a spark and ignite passion in your soul.

We are life-long learners, teachers, and coaches of mind, body, and spirit.

Our Purpose is to serve our clients, community, and world by sharing the knowledge and tools we have acquired over a lifetime of training.

We Believe that everyone has the ability to live an outstanding life with purpose.​

Why do you need a coach?

  • Move from surviving to thriving
  • Discover abundance
  • Reach your goals faster
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Acquire growth tools and techniques
  • Break through limiting beliefs
  • Gain clarity in your purpose
  • Live to your highest potential

Meet the Team


Kelly Meyer

I am very excited to help you become the best you that you can be! My goal is the same as yours: success and nothing less. The body, mind, and spirit must all be working together for true health to occur in any area of our lives.

My bachelors, masters, and doctoral work have all been in the area of education and development of the human mind. I am a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University and I have literally traveled the world, learning from some of the greatest teachers in the area of fulfillment. I have worked as a teacher and professor at every level, a coach, a musician, and an author. I will not be your success, but rather, I will give you the tools to be your own success.

​I work with all ages and all goals. I enjoy being able to empower men and women in every stage of their life, but there is a great need and a great opportunity for adolescent and teen mentorship and coaching and I am always excited for those opportunities as well.


April Dawn Meyer

Hi! I’m April Dawn Meyer, the co-founder of Project Find Your Fire. It is my mission to contribute to the growth and success of individuals, families, and businesses. 

I have a passion and love for leading others to the impactful change and personal improvements they desire. I want to leave a legacy of love and kindness by allowing meaningful change in which you connect to
yourself and align to who you are. I am changing the world by inspiring and empowering others.

My life has been a journey of intentional learning and personal development in the midst of the challenges of balancing work, family, business, marriage, births and deaths. In my 45 years on this earth I have had life knock me down and teach me a few hard lessons. It has been through the joys and pains that I have learned the tools to connect back to my spirit, the core of who I am, and learn to live with more joy, passion, and purpose. Can you relate to being knocked down in life? Are you feeling stuck and desire more out of life? Maybe you are even considering making changes to improve the quality of your life but not sure where to start.

I am a graduate of Tony Robbins Mastery University, and I have travelled the world learning from some of the greatest teachers in the science of achievement and art of fulfillment. I hold an M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior, with over 20 years of solid results within corporate training, consulting, and direct personal business coaching. 

It is my life’s journey of experiences, personal shifts, expanding heart, intentional actions, and daily practices that have contributed to my success and abundance. If you think you are ready to grow, expand, and create clarity in your life, I would love to work with you. Contact me to talk more about your goals and how you can reach them.

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